Hans Zentgraf

lives in Munich, Germany.

He teaches privately and gives masterclasses.

If you wish to have a personal, individual lesson or a short intense course with him, it could be arranged.

Hans Zentgraf now offers

private online cello lessons

via Doozzoo, which is s specialized online platform for music teaching.


Dear friends of the cello-academy,

the original idea of the cello-academy idea was to offer instructional videos on a website and to offer online-teaching via the internet. The first we realised, the latter was then (2005) technically impossible. Some years later it became possible to telephone with images and even to hold meetings with many participants, but the transfer of image and sound (music) remained unacceptable in terms of quality. During the dreadful times of corona a software appeared which is able to support the needs of online instrumental teaching. I have tested it, it works well. Finally.

Therefore today I am glad to inform you, that I am all set to listen to your playing and to give you some advice if you wish.

All you need to do is to register at “doozzoo” (that is the software), this registration is free. Of course you need a camera and a microphone connected with your system. Then we can make an appointment, I will send you an invitation-link and there we go.

If you are interested, just contact us!

Looking forward to hearing from you I am cordially yours, take care and so long,

Hans Enkemeier